Wattpad Writing

Why Wattpad?

Wattpad is… well, imagine YouTube. YouTube with no videos but books. Free books. Millions of books, millions of users. That’s Wattpad exactly is; a social network for readers and writers where one can discover stories, spanning across different genres. It bridges the gap between readers and writers by building social communities around stories. According to Wattpad’s statistics, Wattpad has garnered 60 million users — 90% of them are Gen Z and Millenial. In total, people usually spend 15 billion minutes on Wattpad every month.

You might wonder, “Is there any brand that uses Wattpad as its marketing strategy?”

Say hi to Coca-Cola. On Wattpad, Coca-Cola published a digital book titled “Naughty or Nice” in 10 chapters. Each chapter is a letter to Santa, written by Wattpad popular writers. This digital book connected Coca Cola’s brand with all the positive sentiments of the holiday season. The results? 10.8 minutes of engagement was spent on Coca Cola’s Naughty or Nice. 63% of Wattpaders said they’d be more likely to enjoy a Coke the following week.

Don’t forget Disney. Two weeks before the release of Beauty and the Beast, the company launched a marketing campaign called “#BeautyandtheBeast Writing Challenge”. In results, 1.2M engagement garnered overall. Wattpaders who engaged with the campaign were 110% more likely to watch Beauty and the Beast with no exposure.

Wattpad is an investment through writing, a storytelling, a digital book that touches your target audience. And, that is why I invite you to Wattpad: To show your brand through storytelling. A meaningful story. The unforgettable one. From your brand. Which, hopefully, makes them feel like, “Well, I really need this brand.”

Here’s how I will help you on Wattpad:

Writing on Wattpad is like writing a book. And, I will do every process for your brand.

  1. I will prepare all the material to launch your first book on Wattpad: Title, tagline, blurb, book cover idea, and all the necessary material during the writing of your first digital book.
  2. I will send the first concept to you. This concept includes a list of titles with the blurbs, list of chapters, and the story behind each chapter. Is this what you like? Is there anything you want to add to the concept before I start writing it? Relax, I will give you my insight, I will listen to your needs, we will have a fun discussion.
  3.  If everything’s cool, I will write your first digital book. The duration depends on how many chapters I’d write.
  4. Before sending it to you, I will do some editing and proofreading. And, some rewriting if necessary.
  5. On the next day, in the early morning, you will find your first digital book on your email. So, what do you think? Is there anything you want me to add, edit, delete? I will revise it for you, according to the prior agreement. However, keep in mind that I’m not a writer who will just nod to your comments unless you give me your best argument why we should add, edit, delete some parts. I’m very open to any revision, but I’m not here to please you, I’m here to give the best of me, for your brand. Oops, now I sound kinda bitter. But, really, you’ve had a lot of fun working on this project. We will grow and learn a lot.
  6. So, after all the revisions, I will send you the final draft and set the schedule to publish this on Wattpad. Please keep in mind that we should not publish all the chapters at the same time. Because if you publish all the chapters at the same time, it would be like a bunch of tweets you published last night. It would be just there last night, not tomorrow, not two days later, just last night, and it’s all done. But Wattpad works differently. Schedule each chapter like a regular TV show.
  7. If necessary, I will reformat each chapter on Wattpad and publish it on the scheduled days.
  8. You’ve got your first digital book published!

And, this is what you will earn from Wattpad:

Say goodbye to the boring Facebook status and Instagram caption. Wattpad showcases your brand through storytelling. In a community full of avid readers.

If your target audience is Gen Z and Millenial, they will find you here, on Wattpad.

And, they could be your next favorite customers.

What are you waiting for?

Contact me, and let’s publish your first digital book on Wattpad!